Physics forms the intellectual core of the physical sciences. It examines the world through an analytical lens: providing insight into the fundamental building blocks of nature, the emergent behavior of complex systems, and the laws which govern the physical world. In addition to offering an exciting array of courses, Cornell's Department of Physics features world-class research in a wide variety of specializations, from biophysics and nanoscience to high energy physics, accelerator science and string theory. Undergraduates in physics have the opportunity to conduct research in these areas, as well as participate in teaching and community outreach activities.

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Mert Sabuncu

Associate Professor

Natalie Mahowald

Irving Porter Church Professor in Engineering

Rene Kizilcec

Assistant Professor

Namitha Suresh


Abigail Crites

Assistant Professor & Fred Young Faculty Fellow


Crites A. T., Bock J. J., Bradford C. M. et al 2014 Proc. SPIE 9153 91531W

Ariel Baksh

Undergraduate Researcher

Matthew Dew

Graduate Student

Andy Schang

Undergraduate Researcher

Jim Baker


Chris Wilson


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