The Department of Classics at Cornell is one of the oldest and largest in the country. It offers training at all levels in the languages, literature, philosophy, culture, art, archaeology and history of ancient Greece and Rome.

The department promotes first-hand involvement in the ancient world, ranging from productions of ancient plays through participation in Cornell-sponsored archaeological projects. Courses involve direct engagement with material culture using Cornell's collections of ancient coins and of reproductions of sculptures, inscriptions and other ancient objects. Many students participate directly in the discovery and study of ancient material cultures by working in the dendrochronology laboratory on campus, or on material from Cornell-sponsored excavations in the Mediterranean region.

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Clara McCafferty

Ph.D. Student in Classics

Belisarius Welgan

Sophia Taborski

Emily Shanahan

Matthieu Réal

Ruth Portes

Alessandro Peiris Pattiyage

Andrew Merritt

Sara Merker

Liam McDonald

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