The Department of Literatures in English embraces new approaches to literary study while maintaining traditional strengths in creative writing and the history of literature in English. In seminars and lecture courses, the department seeks to foster critical thinking, close reading, and lucid writing, while offering instruction in a wide range of genres, periods and traditions, from Medieval and Renaissance literature to contemporary US and global fiction.

The professors of Literatures in English include scholars, theorists, poets, and novelists. In addition to having access to a world-class library system, students can participate in many interdisciplinary opportunities on campus. Lively series of speakers, readings, colloquia and conferences provide a context for sustained learning and debate within the humanities.

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Dorothy Mermin

Professor Emerita

Laura E. Donaldson

Professor Emerita

Lynda D. Bogel

Senior Lecturer

Jean Blackall

Professor Emerita

Sandra Siegel

Professor Emerita

Mary Ann Radzinowicz

Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of English Literature Emerita

A. Reeve Parker

Professor Emeritus

Kenneth A. McClane

W.E.B. Du Bois Professor of Literature Emeritus

Alison Lurie

Frederic J. Whiton Professor of American Literature Emerita

Biodun Jeyifo

Professor Emeritus

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