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Xiangdong Yang

Visiting Scholar

Xiangdong Yang

Educational Background

Ph.D. (2015) Sichuan University


Research Focus

Symplectic geometry and complex geometry

My research interest is symplectic geometry and complex geometry.  More specially, I am interested in the following topics: (1) group actions on transversely symplectic foliations; (2) locally conformal symplectic/Kahler geometry and the geometry of some special non-Kahler manifolds.


  • Mathematics


  • Locally conformal symplectic blow-ups, Differential Geometry and its Applications (with Song Yang and Guosong Zhao), 50 (2017) 11-19.
  • A double Poisson algebra structure on Fukaya categories, Journal of Geometry and Physics (with Xiaojun Chen, Hai-Long Her and Shanzhong Sun), 98 (2015) 57-76. 
  • Stratified obstruction system for equivariant moduli problems and invariant Euler cycles, Algebraic and Geometric Topology, 15 (2015), 287-318.