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Liana Brent

Ph.D. Student in Classics


Liana is a PhD candidate in the Classics department. She is the recipient of a two-year Andrew W. Mellon Foundation / Samuel H. Kress Foundation Pre-Doctoral Rome Prize in Ancient Studies at the American Academy in Rome (2017-2019). During this time, she will complete her dissertation, Corporeal Connections: Tomb Disturbance, Reuse, and Violation in Roman Italy, which examines post-depositional skeletal manipulation in reopened and reused inhumation graves throughout Roman Italy. She conducts archaeological fieldwork in southeast Italy as the assistant director of the Vagnari Cemetery excavations, where she has excavated since 2011.

Research Focus

  • Roman Death and Burial
  • Funerary Archaeology
  • Archaeology of the Body
  • Tomb Violation
  • Looting and Antiquities




  • Archaeology Program
  • Classics


Brent, L. 2017. “Disturbed, Damaged and Disarticulated: Grave Reuse in Roman Italy,” in TRAC 2016: Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, edited by R. Cascino, F. De Stefano, A. Lepone and C.M. Marchetti, 37-50. Rome: Edizioni Quasar.