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Lawrence Blume

Goldwin Smith Professor of Economics

Bill and Melinda Gates Hall, Room 227

Educational Background

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1977



Research Focus

  • Evolutionary processes in markets and games
  • Economic theory
  • Game theory


  • Economics

Graduate Fields

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Cognitive Science
  • Economics
  • Information Science


  • "Optimality and Natural Selection in Markets," (with D. Easley), Journal of Economic Theory, forthcoming
  • "The Algebraic Geometry of Perfect and Sequential Equilibrium," (with W. Zame), Econometrica, 1994
  • "The Statistical Mechanics of Strategic Interaction," Games and Economic Behavior, 1993
  • "Evolution and Market Behavior," (with D. Easley), Journal of Economic Theory, 1992
  • "Lexicographic Probabilities and Equilibrium Refinements," (with A. Brandenburger and E. Dekel), Econometrica, 1991
  • "On The Private Provision of Public Goods," (with T. Bergstrom and H. Varian), Journal of Public Economics, 1986
  • "Learning to be Rational," (with D. Easley), Journal of Economic Theory, 1982.