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Kaori Shibatani Blalock

Teaching Associate


Kaori Shibatani Blalock received her MA in Japanese (Second Language Acquisition) from San Francisco State University and BA in English and in Teaching Japanese as a Second Language from Showa Women’s University, Tokyo, Japan.

Ms. Shibatani was trained as a Computational Linguist to develop a speech-to-speech machine translation product at Spoken Language Technology, Sony US Research Labs, in Silicon Valley. During her software development career, she joined the start-up company to publish the patent for an asynchronized language learning/teaching methodology with TESOL Professor at Sandford University and speech recognition engineers at SRI International. The online language learning product BE-Go for Benesse Corporation in Japan was released. Kaori welcomes the opportunity to assist prospective students who are interested in using Japanese language skills for developing supplemental paths for their careers.


  • Asian Studies