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Ewa Bachminska

Senior Lecturer of Polish Language

Ewa Bachminska

Klarman Hall, Room K135

Educational Background

  • MS in Animal Science (Animal Welfare), Minors in Wildlife Conservation & Animal Behavior – Cornell University, expected
  • MA in Spanish – Saint Louis University
  • MA in Music (Vocal Jazz) – Webster University of St. Louis
  • MA in Applied Linguistics (German & English) – Mickiewicz University of Poznan, Poland



Ewa Bachminska teaches all levels of Polish and two film courses: East European Film and Animals in Global Cinema: Human & Nonhuman. Her current research is about conservation, welfare, and education concerning the most threatened mammalian species in Poland. As a volunteer, she is involved in animal vaccination and neutering programs in India and Poland. In her free time, she enjoys singing in harmony.



  • Elementary Polish I & II (POLSH 1131 & 1132)
  • Intermediate Polish I & II (POLSH 1133 & 1134)
  • Advanced Polish I & II (POLSH 2103 & 2104)
  • Polish Through Film & Literature (POLSH 3100)


  • Animals in Global Cinema: Human & Nonhuman (ROMS 1120)
  • Eastern European Cinema (PMA 3400)
  • East European Film (POLSH 1301)


  • Elementary Spanish (SPAN 1220)
  • Continuing Spanish (SPAN 1230)

Research Focus

  • Second-language acquisition
  • Wildlife conservation, animal welfare and education concerning the most threatened mammalian species in Poland
  • ​Cinema


second language acquisition, film, animal welfare, wildlife conservation


  • Romance Studies


  • Polish Language Program