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Elena Ault

Milstein Program in Technology and Humanity Class of 2024

Elena Ault

Educational Background

Fairfield Ludlowe High School, CT


Hometown: Fairfield, CT

Intended Majors: Economics and Government

Elena is an incoming freshman intending to study Economics and Government. Her interest lies in technology ethics and how innovation will shape politics, the economy, and modern culture. 
She was drawn to the Milstein Program because she believes that an interdisciplinary background is key to solving the biggest challenges facing the world. She is excited about how the Milstein Program enables her to combine her diverse interests in computer science, data science, government, and economics.  Elena is passionate about developing policies that guide technology use, and is especially interested in artificial intelligence ethics. She believes that it is necessary for society to meaningfully address challenges that arise from new technologies, but also seek to harness the positive capabilities of technology to strengthen government and business organizations.
In high school, Elena spent 4 years on the varsity rowing team, started an Endangered Species Protection club at her high school, and interned for local political campaigns. In her free time, she likes exercising, baking, and spending time with family and friends.
Elena is also a Meinig Family Cornell National Scholar. 


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