Olaf de Rohan Willner

Milstein Program in Technology and Humanity Class of 2024


Hometown: London, UK

Intended Major: Computer Science

I was born and raised in a bilingual household in London, where I attended the French Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle. This led me to studying a further two languages and their cultures. Early on I was also exposed to the vibrant technology industry in London, and soon enough my interests in technology and computer science blossomed. Both technology and the humanities use languages to function, so I only found it natural to study both fields. This strong bond between technology and the humanities is what brought me to join the Milstein Program. 

While I often find myself in awe of modern technology, to me, technology is a tool, no more, no less. The same way a language is appreciated and studied, its ultimate goal is to serve a higher purpose. I’m excited to figure out the various ways technology can be used to reach our ambitious goals. 

A dream of mine is to work in the aviation industry, and I’m planning on getting my private pilot’s license. You’ll also find me reading Naipaul, taking pictures on my film camera or playing the piano, if I’m not already cooking or travelling. 

Research Focus