Margarita Rayzberg

Postdoctoral Associate


Margarita Rayzberg is a science and technology studies scholar whose work examines the politics of knowledge production and expertise in the context of international development and public health. She is currently a post-doctoral associate in the Science and Technology Studies Department at Cornell University, where she is working on an NSF-funded cross-national comparative Covid response project with Professors Stephen Hilgartner and Sheila Jasanoff. Margarita received her PhD in Sociology at Northwestern University, where her dissertation analyzed the widespread adoption of field-based experimental methods in development economics and their implications for the governance of foreign aid and populations in postcolonial regions, specifically East Africa. You can learn more about Margarita’s academic work here. She also works for Chicago Humanities Festival, the largest and longest-running urban festival of art and culture, where she helps to curate and manage public programs related to science and society. 

Research Focus