Benjamin Sterrett

Manager of Cornell Experimental Ponds, Facility Technician


Facility Technician, Benj Sterrett manages and maintains the complex of ponds and surrounding uplands located at the Cornell Experimental Ponds Facility. Benj is involved with the management of all research at the Ponds, and assists with many of the projects that take place at the facility.

 I grew up splashing about in creeks in my back yard in Rhode Island.  I have always loved being outside enjoying the natural world.  Most recently I was an owner of a small construction company building super efficient custom homes.  I was responsible for getting the houses out of the ground and then all the way to drywall before passing off to our finishing team. 

 The rest of my time is spent with my wonderful family consisting of my wife Ruth, and three kids, Matt, Asher, and Fern.  We have our own pond in our back yard and Cascadilla creek as well for splashing about in. I still enjoy working with wood and have added a metal shop to my woodworking experience.

Cornell University Experimental Ponds
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
E150 Corson Hall
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853

(607) 257-2064