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Yimon Aye

Howard Milstein Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor

Baker Laboratory, Room 244a

Educational Background

  • Damon Runyon Postdoc Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • PhD, Harvard University
  • M.Chem, University of Oxford
  • B.Chem, University of Oxford



Methods development in deconstructing redox-dependent signal transduction; Molecular regulation of proteins/pathways involved in mammalian genome surveillance. Please visit our lab website for more information.

Research Focus

The Aye Lab (established: July 2012) exploits a unique blend of synthetic methodology, mechanistic biochemistry, mammalian cell biology as in vitro research toolkit and worm and fish as in vivo models.


Selected Honors: Beckman Young Investigator (2014); NSF CAREER (2014); NIH Director's New Innovator (2014); Sloan Fellowship (2016); American Chemical Society CRT Young Investigator (2016); American Chemical Society WCC Rising Star Chemist (2016); International Chemical Biology Society Rising Star Chemical Biologist (2016); Office of Naval Research Young Investigator (2017); Pershing Square Sohn Prize in Cancer Research (2017); American Chemical Society Buck-Whitney Award (2017)


  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Graduate Fields

  • Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Biophysics
  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology


  • Weill Cornell Medicine, Department of Biochemistry


Selected Publications: Aye Lab (est. July 2012) (*correspondence author)

  • Original Research

Marcus J. C. Long, Daniel A. Urul, Shivansh Chawla, Hong-Yu Lin, Yi Zhao, Joseph A. Haegele, Yiran Wang, and Yimon Aye* "Precision Electrophile Tagging in Caenorhabditis elegans"

Just Accepted for the "Future of Biochemistry" Special Issue of ACS Biochemistry (scheduled for Janurary 2018) 

* Selected as an ACS Editors' Choice article.

  • Original Research

Marcus J. C. Long, Hong-Yu Lin, Saba Parvez, Yi Zhao, Jesse R. Poganik, Paul Huang, and Yimon Aye* "β-TrCP1 is a Vacillatory Regulator of Wnt Signaling"

Cell Chemical Biology 2017 24, 944–957

  • Perspective

Marcus J. C. Long, and Yimon Aye* "Privileged Electrophile Sensors: a Resource for Covalent Drug Development"

Cell Chemical Biology 2017 24, 787–800

  • Original Research

Marcus J. C. Long, Saba Parvez, Yi Zhao, Yiran Wang, Sanjna L. Surya, and Yimon Aye* "Akt3 is a Privileged First Responder in Isozyme-Specific Electrophile Response"

Nature Chemical Biology 2017 13, 333–338

*Highlighted for “News & Views”: Nature Chemical Biology 2017 13, 244–245

  • Review Article

Marcus J. C. Long, Souradyuti Ghosh, Jesse R. Poganik, and Yimon Aye*Subcellular Redox Targeting: Bridging in Vitro and in Vivo Chemical Biology.”

ACS Chemical Biology 2017 12, 586–600

  • Original Research

Saba Parvez, Marcus J. C. Long, Hong-Yu Lin, Yi Zhao, Joseph A. Haegele, Vanha N. Pham, Dustin K. Lee, and Yimon Aye* “T-REX™ On-Demand Redox Targeting in Live Cells

Nature Protocols 2016 11, 2328–2356

  • Perspective

Marcus J. C. Long, and Yimon Aye*The Die is Cast: Precision Electrophilic Modifications Contribute to Cellular Decision Making

ACS Chem Res Toxicol 2016 29, 1575–1582

* Contributed as part of 2016 ACS CRT Young Investigator Award to Y.A.

* Selected as an ACS Editors' Choice article.

* Selected for Journal Cover Art.

  • Original Research

Somsinee Wisitpatthaya, Yi Zhao, Marcus J. C. Long, Minxing Li, William A. Blessing, Elaine A. Fletcher, Robert S. Weiss, and Yimon Aye* “Antileukemic Nucleotides Induce Conformationally Distinct Hexamers Defining a Common Mode of Reversible RNR Inhibition

ACS Chemical Biology 2016 11, 2021–2032

  • Perspective

Marcus J. C. Long, Jesse R. Poganik, and Yimon Aye*On-Demand Targeting: Investigating Biology with Proximity-Directed Chemistry

J Am Chem Soc 2016, 138, 3610–3622

         *JACS Spotlights Article – 2016, 138, 4269

         * The ACS LiveSlides Open Access Article

  • Original Research

Hong-Yu Lin, Joseph A. Haegele, Michael T. Disare, and Yimon Aye* “A Generalizable Platform for Interrogating Target- and Signal-Specific Consequences of Electrophilic Modifications in Redox-Dependent Cell Signaling

J Am Chem Soc (Full Article) 2015, 137, 6232–6244

  • Original Research

Saba Parvez, Yuan Fu, Jiayang Li, Marcus J. C. Long, Hong-Yu Lin, Dustin K. Lee, Gene S. Hu and Yimon Aye* “Substoichiometric Hydroxynonenylation of a Single Protein Recapitulates Whole-Cell-Stimulated Antioxidant Response

J Am Chem Soc (Communication) 2015, 137, 10–13

  • Mini Review

Yimon Aye*, Minxing Li, Marcus J. C. Long and Robert Weiss* (*, co-corresponding authors) “Ribonucleotide Reductase & Cancer: Biological Mechanisms & Targeted Therapies

Oncogene (Mini Review) 2015, 34, 2011

  • Original Research

Yuan Fu, Hong-Yu Lin, Somsinee Wisitpitthaya, William A. Blessing and Yimon Aye* “A Fluorimetric Readout Reporting the Inhibitor-Induced Human Ribonucleotide Reductase Oligomerization

ChemBioChem (Full Article) 2014, 15, 2598–2604

  • Original Research

Yuan Fu, Marcus J. C. Long, Mike Rigney, Saba Parvez, William A. Blessing and Yimon Aye* “Uncoupling of Allosteric and Oligomeric Regulation in a Functional Hybrid Enzyme Constructed from Escherichia coli and Human Ribonucleotide Reductase

Biochemistry (Full Article) 2013, 52, 7050–7059

  • Original Research

Xinqiang Fang, Yuan Fu, Marcus J. C. Long, Joseph A. Haegele, Eva J. Ge, Saba Parvez and Yimon Aye*Temporally Controlled Targeting of 4-Hydroxynonenal to Specific Proteins in Living Cells

J Am Chem Soc (Communication) 2013, 135, 14496–14499

Postdoctoral (Aug 2009 - June 2012)

Original research:

Predoctoral (Jan 2005 - Jun 2009)

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