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Thak Chaloemtiarana

Retired Professor

Stewart Ave, 640, Kahin Center

Educational Background

  • PhD in Government (1974)
  • MA in Government (1971), Cornell University
  • MA in Diplomacy and World Affairs (1968), Occidental College 
  • BS in Foreign Service, cum laude (1965), University of the Philippines



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Research Focus

Thai politics especially issues of authoritarianism, development, and democratization; Thai literature and its relationship to canonicity, modernity, nationalism, gender, and identity; Southeast Asia area studies.


  • Asian Studies



Thailand: The Politics of Despotic Paternalism, revised edition with new introduction, postscript, pictures, index,(Ithaca: Cornell Southeast Asia Program Publications 2007; co-published in Thailand by Silkworm Press, 2008). This book was awarded the first Ohira Prize (Japan) in 1985 and translated into Japanese by Professor Tamada of Kyoto University in 1989. 

Kanmuang Rabob Phokhun Uppatham Baeb Phadetkan, (Bangkok: Thai Textbook Foundation for the Social Sciences and Humanities, 2005), edited by Thamrongsak Petchlertanan. This book was chosen as one of three texts published to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the 1932 Revolution that overthrew Thai absolute monarchy. The first edition was published in 1983. 


"Khru Liam's Khwam Mai Phayabat(1915) and the Problematics of Thai Modernity",Southeast Asia Research Journal, Volume 17, no.3 (November 2009),pp. 457-488. 

"Tah Khanob Wannakam Thai: khwam samkhan khong nawaniyay plae, nawaniyay tonchabab, lae nawaniyay lian baeb-kansuksa tham hai pen phasa thongthin, khwam pen khong thae, kham pen lukphasom, kan lian baeb, lae sathana thawiwatthanatham,"Ratthasatsan Journal, Special Anniversary Issue, volume 2 (December 2009) , pp 1-52. 

"Making New Space in the Thai Literary Canon," Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, Volume 40(February 2009),pp. 87-110. 

"Nang Neramid: Thepthida Egypt Ruang Phet lae Khwam Phoefan khong Phuchai Nai Nawaniyai Thai Yuk Raek" Ratthasatsan Journal,Volume 29, no.1, (January-April 2008), pp. 1-37. 

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"Towards a more inclusive national narrative: Thai history and the Chinese, Isan and the nation state" in Luem khotngao Kaw Phao Phaenadin, Kanjanee Laongsi and Thanet Apornsuwan, eds., (Bangkok: Matichon Press, 2001) pp. 64-110. 

Book Reviews 

Bruce Missingham, Assembly of the Poor in Thailand: From Local Struggles to National Protest Movement (Silkworm 2003), in Journal of Asian Studies, August, 2005, pp. 800-802. 

Michael Montesano and Patrick Jory, Thai South and Malay North: Ethnic interactions in a plural peninsula(Singapore: NUS Press, 2008), in Journal of the Siam Society, 97, 2009.