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Dan M. Barbasch


Malott Hall, Room 543

Educational Background

Ph.D. (1976) University of Illinois



Research Focus

Representation theory of reductive Lie groups

My research is in the field of representation theory of reductive Lie groups. I am particularly interested in the classification of the unitary dual for groups over local fields, and its relation to the orbit structure of the Lie algebra. Furthermore I am interested in the relation of these representations to problems arising from number theory, more precisely automorphic forms.


  • Mathematics

Graduate Fields

  • Mathematics


Unitary spherical spectrum for split classical p-adic groups, Acta Applicandae Mathematicae 44 (1996).

Local Character Expansions (with A. Moy), Ann. Sci. de L'Ecole Norm. Sup. (1997).

The Associated Variety of an Induced Representation (with M. Bozicevic), Proc. AMS (1998).

The spherical dual for p-adic groups (with A. Moy), Proc. of Conf. in Cordoba, Argentina.

The Associated Variety of Unipotent Representations, preprint.